In Business with My Wife

My wife Momo and I have a very romantic relationship. We love to keep the fire going in our marriage. We were experiencing a low point in our marriage due to lack of romance. We decided to try new things to spice up our love life. It worked like a charm. Our marriage is a strong as ever. We discovered that passion and romance was needed to maintain a spark in marriages. Momo and I decided to pull our business smarts together and start an adult store. We sell products like adult toys for couples. They really love our products.

Momo and I came up with the idea for our adult store a few years ago. We personally experienced how spicing up a marriage can save. Momo and I wanted other couples to feel that same joy that we experienced. We wanted our shop to cater to people of all walks of life. Our primary target were married couples. We felt that they needed more of a boost that young, unmarried couples. We were glad to form a store that provided that service for them.

Our store consists of adult toys and trinkets that couples could use to bring the zest back in their relationships. Our store provides an endless collection to various items for our customers. Our merchandise comes from the most elite supplies in the world. We also offer reasonable prices for our customers. we offer various sales and discounts all year long. Momo and I want our customers to feel welcomed and at home when they enter our lovely store.

Our store is very successful. We have been in business for five years. Our business module to provide for our customers has generated a lot of profit for us. I love running a successful business with my wife. We are the ultimate power couple.

Thickening Your Eyelashes in 16 Weeks

I have been doing quite a bit of research on different products that claim to combat the effects of aging such as wrinkles and thinning hair and eyelashes. One product, in particular, piqued my curiosity so much that I did an extensive amount of research on it. That product is Latisse generic Bimatoprost which is an eye serum that was originally used to treat glaucoma. Merely by accident, they discovered that one of the side effects of the serum was that it created longer, stronger, and thicker eyelashes. Finally, a side effect of a medication that wasn’t harmful to your body.

Latisse is very easy to use if applied correctly. You have to make sure you completely wash off all makeup around your eyes before applying this product. After that, you simply apply a drop of the serum to the upper base of your eyelashes making sure not to get it on the lower lashes. Then you close your eyes for three to four minutes without blinking. You must repeat these steps once a day for 16 weeks to receive the full benefits of the product. You will then repeat these steps once a week to maintain your beautiful thick lashes.

I ordered a bottle of Latisse and received it in the mail in less than a week. I have been using it daily for six weeks now and have already seen a considerable difference in the appearance of my eyelashes. They are definitely longer and thicker. I have even noticed new eyelashes growing. What more could you ask for? They even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. From my own experience, I can’t imagine anybody wanting to send the product back. I am very satisfied with my findings and am going to order some for my twin sister.

Keranique hair re-growth kit use and specifications:

The Keranique Hair Re-growth Kit contains many products but there are four main products which are highlighted treatment for those persons who want their hair grow faster and look shiny and smooth.

1)      Scalp Stimulating Shampoo for Thinning Hair:

  • It Removes build-up.
  • It protects against cuticle damage.
  • The healthy way of keeping hair fuller and thicker looking.
  • It Retains shine.
  • It provides detangling & smoothing without weighing the hair down.

How to use?

Take a small amount Keranique reviews scalp stimulating shampoo. Massage into wet hair and scalp. For quick and best results, allow the Keranique shampoo to sit for 1-2 minutes. After 1-2 min rinse your hair thoroughly.

2)    Volume Keratin Conditioner for longer and Thinning Hair:

  • This Keranique product adds volume in the hairs.
  • It Improves hair strength and provides anti-breakage protection for hairs.
  • It Improves Manageability, Detangling & Conditioning without weighing the hair down.
  • By applying this there is no heavy, waxy feeling on the hair scalp.

How to use?

Work a small amount into damp hair. Apply conditioner on your hair. For quick outcome, allow the extracted product to sit for 1 – 2 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly. Take Towel and softly dry your hair. Follow with your choice of Keranique Hair Re-growth Treatment, featuring 2% minoxidil, or Follicle Boosting Serum for thicker and fuller looking hair.

3)      Hair Re-growth Treatment:

  • This treatment contains a professional ingredient clinically proven to help re-grow hair.
  • It helps women to re-grow and making more thicker-looking hair.
  • It includes minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved treatment for women’s hair loss.

How to use?

Firstly apply one ml or 6-7 drops with a dropper into your scalp. You can use this two times a day by putting it directly onto the scalp in the affected hair loss area. Using more or more often will not improve results. You should Continued use is necessary to increase and keep your hair re-growth, or hair loss will begin again. This is a chemical treatment so you should wash hands after use.

4)      Amplifying Lift Spray:

  • It helps in adding shine to your hairs.
  • It extra boosts and lifts to the root of the hair.
  • It helps in increasing hair strength and elasticity.
  • It helps to improve dryness and weak thinning hair.
  • It helps to grow natural keratin fibers in the hair. It helps to protect the cuticle.
  • This amplifying lift spray Adds instant hair volume. It bounces your hair and removes dryness through your hairs.

How to use?

Take a Towel and dry your hair in a perfect manner from lower to upward. Apply Keranique Lifting Spray to roots of the hair. By Using your fingers, merge the distribute product from roots to end of your hairs. Use of blow dry hair using medium setting turning head upside down and using fingers to open up sections while blow-drying hair. Increase number of sprays for added lift and expansion. Continue to blow dry until completely dry.

What Are the Side Effects of Extenze?

Extenze is advertised throughout the US as a natural male enhancement pill. The creators of Extenze claim that its key ingredients boost the penis blood flow, thereby improving its sensitivity and size. Several scientific studies support the use of the Extenze and same products. For instance, the ingredient called Yohimbe contains compound that’s approved by FDA as a treatment for the erectile dysfunction. But, Extenze might cause some particular side effects. Consider consulting your healthcare provider before you take herbal supplements.

  • Digestive Distress – A lot of medicinal herbs that Extenze have, such as damiana, licorice, and yohimbe, might cause mild to moderate digestive issues. Several users of Extenze experience abdominal cramping, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or constipation. Once you experience any of these, discontinue your usage of Extenze reviews and contact your doctor if the problems persist and cause some problems.
  • Anxiety – Yohimbe tree’s bark is one of the primary ingredients found in Extenze. Based on the National Institutes of Health, this ingredient may trigger series of anxiety attacks. People who take products with yohimbe may suffer from flushing, panic attacks, nervousness, agitation, and irritability. Avoid Extenze if you have a bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder since this could trigger mania or panic in those with such conditions.
  • Hypertension – This male enhancement pill can be tough for those who have high blood pressure. Licorice root, based on National Institutes of Health statement, may trigger increase in blood pressure and could lead to some episodes of hypertensive crisis. Some ingredient like DHEA and yohimbe can also worsen or cause this kind of side effect. Avoid Extenze or other products with the same ingredients if you have a record of heart disease.
  • Feminizing Effects – In spite of the reputation of Extenze to improve the size of penis, it might have an opposite effect for several people. A health organization warns that Extenze ingredient called DHEA may cause some feminizing effects in men including testicular wasting and prominent breasts. Experts also link licorice root to reduced testosterone levels. Every product that contains compounds that are hormone-altering may worsen the conditions paradoxically like male infertility and erectile dysfunction.
  • Stimulant Effects – Yohimbe, DHEA, and licorice in Extenze products might cause caffeine-like high with some accompanied side effects. The Extenze ingredients might cause restlessness or insomnia, particularly in those who are prone to such disruptions. Increases in the heart rate might also occur due to such stimulant effects.

The Value of Extenze

Extenze provides great value. You will get better value once you purchase it at the official website of Extenze. It takes time to experience the benefits of this male enhancement product. So, you have to purchase a lot of these pills and you will see results within 6 months. This is why it is recommended to purchase Extenze by bulk to get discounts and save more money in the long run. Just make sure to buy from a reliable store online as this can make a difference for you to get quality male enhancement pills.

International Journal Of Brain Disorders and Therapy

International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy (IJBDT) is a direct access review over various disorder cases with their therapies and is known because of its excellency in research. The aim of community is to mediate approved excellence research papers in the significant and widespread department of Bioanalysis and Biomedicine.

A brain is the central part of human body and every action done by a person related directly to the brain because it consists of the basic parts namely Central Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System. In addition, it also monitors the spinal cord, neurons as well as a large tangled network of veins and nerves. As a result, whenever brain is damaged or harmed by an accident, it affects directly in many parts of our body. Any disorder in a body may affect the memory, sensation, emotions, and personality of a person in a declining way. Brain disorders in contrast are those conditions in which the brain is facing some disabilities and disorders which are affecting the functioning of human body. Sometimes, these disorders are caused due to genetic issues, severe illness or traumatic brain injuries.

Aims And Scope Of “International Journal Of Brain Disorders And Therapy”

The IJBDT journal publishes the articles related to the most adequate and authentic researches in all considerable and known departments of Brain Disorders and Therapy. It explains and elaborates the genes causing brain disorders, neurodegenerative diseases (Neurodegeneration is referred as a continuous loss of neurons as well as death of neurons. There neurodegenerative diseases includes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer and many others) and brain injuries.

Journal Types

International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy articles are published in order to notify regarding original research, reviews on the researches, news and perspectives relating those researches, opinions as well as surveys in the field of Brain Disorders and Therapy.

The articles publishes the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of several disorders of brain, infections in brain, also about traumas, strokes, seizures and tumours found in brain etc. The main motive of publishing journal is to widely spread the scientific work, education regarding brain disorders, and exchange of ideas all over the world. The advantage of journal is that it provides a strong platform to authors which contribute in promoting their researches and also facilitate the readers for raising their awareness on brain disorders and therapies. Major aim of the journal is to provide free of cost, rapid and unlimited best quality clinical content via a platform which can be accessed openly by everyone.


The main focus of International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy is on various different aspects of brain disorders like Alzheimer disease, Bell’s Palsy, Defects of birth of a brain or spinal cord, Parkinson’s disease, Psychiatric ( Severe type of depression or obsessive compulsive disorder) injury of spinal cord, seizures etc.

These journals of IJBDT are no doubt very helpful in creating awareness among people regarding the disorders or injuries of brain and the therapies required for their aid.


Brain Therapy Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy

Vagus Nerve Stimulation  (VNS) therapy is done by the help of a device which is implanted under the skin through which electrical pulses are sent through the left vagus nerve, prominent pairs of half of the nerves running from the stem of the brain through the neck and each side of chest and abdomen. The working of the vagus nerve is to conduct messages from the brain to the major organs of the body like heart, lungs etc and also to such areas of the brain which governs the mood, sleep and other important functions of a person.

Why is VNS done?

VNS is done for the treatment of epilepsy i.e. a neurological disturbance due to which sensory disturbance, consciousness loss or an abnormal electrical activity is experienced in the brain. Also, scientists have recognized that the therapy has favorable effects for treatment of depression as well. By the help of brain scans, scientists also assured that the this also helps in the treatment of mood regulations or other affected parts of the brain as well.

In 2005, the United States Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) has approved VNS as a depression-resistant treatment under some conditions like :

  • The therapy can be done if the patient is 18 years old or above 18 years
  • If the illness is not aided by other medications or psychotherapies for two years or more
  • If the condition of a patient is severe
  • If the depression has not aided even after trying four other forms of treatments

How VNS works?

A device approximately equal to the size of a stopwatch called pulse generator is implanted inside the upper left side of a chest by a surgery. The pulse generator is connected to an electric wire which is further connected from the generator to the vagus nerve at left.

Generally, electric pulses are sent for 30 seconds after about every five minutes from a generator to the vagus nerve. The programming of generator varies the duration and frequency of pulses generated. In turn, the vagus nerve delivers the signals produced by electric pulses to the brain. Normally, no pain or therapy is felt by the patient during the operation of a generator.

The device operation can also be neglected for a while by the help of a generator which is placed right over the chest where pulse generator is surgically implanted. The patient has the option of deactivating the pulse generator if the side effects of generator become unbearable, or before performing any activity or exercise because it may disturb the breathing. The device can be activated again by removing the magnet.

The Vagus Nerve Stimulation treatment is done for the purpose of reducing symptoms of severe depression. It may take a long time before showing its benefits or sometimes it may not respond to a mental state of any patient. In addition, other therapies and medicines are necessary to take while having VNS therapy and they cannot be neglected so the relative patients are not expected to discontinue the other therapies even after the implantation of a device.

Brain Therapy Side Effects

 Apart from advantages, there are also some side effects which the patient might face after having various different type of brain therapies. Here we are going to discuss the relating side effects generated after treatment of several brain therapies :

  • Side Effects Of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Generally the most commonly side effects faced by an individual after ECT are :

  • Pain in head
  • Upset stomach
  • Aches in muscles
  • Loss of memory

Some patients are found to face problems in remembering especially those memories which they experienced during the time of therapy. Also, sometimes the memory loss gets severe which improves gradually after days or weeks with the ending of ECT courses. Researchers have concluded that the memory problems are experienced in a specific type of ECT known as bilateral ECT, in which the therapy is done by placing electrodes on both sides of the scalp.

Whereas, in unilateral ECT the electrodes are placed only at one side of scalp, normally the right side which is opposite side of where the brain is and of memory areas. Therefore, unilateral ECT has less chances of resulting in memory problems and is preferred by a number of doctors as well as patients.

  • Side Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Therapy

The Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy is not done without any risk factor. The patient might face a lot of complications like infections where the pulse generator is implanted surgically, or the generator may get loose, roam around or malfunction resulting in requirement of additional surgery to alter the problems. Even after another surgery some patients experience no benefit and others actually experience more worse symptoms than before. Other side effects include :

  • Patient might experience hoarseness or a change in voice tone
  • One might undergo a soaring throat or coughing
  • Pain in neck is also experienced
  • Patient might not feel comfortable or feel tangling in the area where the pulse generator was implanted
  • Breathing problems which gets worse during exercise
  • Difficulty in swallowingSide Effects Of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) therapy

Side effects of rTMS includes uncomfortability of some patients on the side of head where magnet is places. There are chances that during the therapy, the muscles around jaw, scalp or face may contact or tingle. Severe headaches for a shorter period of time of light headaches for a long time may result after therapy. Seizures are also expected to be caused after procedure is done. Two largely acceptable studies done on a large scale about rTMS found that most of the side effects, like headache or discomfort inside the scalp were moderate although generation of seizures was not found.

  • Side Effects Of Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST)

MST carries approximately the same side effects like ECT as both therapies are done by use of anesthesia. Researches on both animals and humans found that MST results in :

  • Fewer side effects regarding memory
  • Generation of seizures

But it allows shorter recovery time as compared to ECT.

Brain therapies are no doubt helpful in stimulating and improving the functioning of brain but there are also some side effects of these therapies which cannot be neglected.



Brain Therapy

Brain therapy or brain stimulation therapy plays a vital role in the treatment of a number of a brain or mental disorders. These therapies are done by activating or stimulating the brain directly by application of electricity. The electricity can be applied by implanting the electrodes inside the brain directly, or indirectly by placing the electrodes on the scalp. Brain therapy is also done by inducing the electricity using magnetic fields which are applied to the head. Although these therapies are utilized lesser than medications and psychotherapies, they assure treatment of such brain disorders which cannot be aided by medications or psychotherapies.

The best brain therapy known so far is the Electroconvulsive therapy which is used for a long time. Some other therapies are:

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
  • Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)
  • Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST)
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

A brain therapy plan probably includes medication and psychotherapy as well. The selection of treatment plan is based directly on the medical condition and need of an individual, under complete observation of a medical practitioner.

Here we are going to discuss that how the best brain therapy i.e. Electroconvulsive Therapy  (ECT) is done :

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is done by application of electric current for the treatment of severe mental disorders. This type of therapy is suggested as the last of treatment only if the patient’s condition is not getting stable by other options like treating with antidepressants or psychotherapies, or in such cases where there is the requirement of rapid response like suicide risk, catatonia etc.

Working Of ECT

Before application of Electroconvulsive Therapy, the patient is sedated with the help of an anesthesia and is given a medication known as muscle relevant to neglect any sort of movement during the treatment. The breathing, heart rate and pressure of blood are examined during entire treatment by an anesthesiologist and a team of trained medical practitioners, including nurses and physicians. During the process :

  • Electrodes are placed in a suitable position of head
  • Electric current is induced through the brain by the help of electrodes causing a seizure which remains for less than a minute. The patient cannot feel any electric impulse due to effects of anesthesia and muscle relaxant.
  • The patient awakes after five to ten minutes of completion of the procedure. The patient might feel a little groggy or fainted at first due to the effect of anesthesia, but mostly after an hour the patient gets alert and is able to continue the normal activities.

This course of ECT is generally done three times a week until there is an improvement in patient’s depression which is usually improved within 6 to 12 treatments. After that, for reducing the symptoms of chances that depression will return again maintenance ECT treatment is done. This maintenance treatment varies in accordance with the condition of the patient. The treatment might be done once a week or once a month in accordance with the mental state of a person. Generally, a person undergoing ECT therapy also takes some antidepressant medicines.

ECT therapy, as well as many other therapies, are found quite helpful in stimulating the brain state.