International Journal Of Brain Disorders and Therapy

International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy (IJBDT) is a direct access review over various disorder cases with their therapies and is known because of its excellency in research. The aim of community is to mediate approved excellence research papers in the significant and widespread department of Bioanalysis and Biomedicine.

A brain is the central part of human body and every action done by a person related directly to the brain because it consists of the basic parts namely Central Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System. In addition, it also monitors the spinal cord, neurons as well as a large tangled network of veins and nerves. As a result, whenever brain is damaged or harmed by an accident, it affects directly in many parts of our body. Any disorder in a body may affect the memory, sensation, emotions, and personality of a person in a declining way. Brain disorders in contrast are those conditions in which the brain is facing some disabilities and disorders which are affecting the functioning of human body. Sometimes, these disorders are caused due to genetic issues, severe illness or traumatic brain injuries.

Aims And Scope Of “International Journal Of Brain Disorders And Therapy”

The IJBDT journal publishes the articles related to the most adequate and authentic researches in all considerable and known departments of Brain Disorders and Therapy. It explains and elaborates the genes causing brain disorders, neurodegenerative diseases (Neurodegeneration is referred as a continuous loss of neurons as well as death of neurons. There neurodegenerative diseases includes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer and many others) and brain injuries.

Journal Types

International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy articles are published in order to notify regarding original research, reviews on the researches, news and perspectives relating those researches, opinions as well as surveys in the field of Brain Disorders and Therapy.

The articles publishes the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of several disorders of brain, infections in brain, also about traumas, strokes, seizures and tumours found in brain etc. The main motive of publishing journal is to widely spread the scientific work, education regarding brain disorders, and exchange of ideas all over the world. The advantage of journal is that it provides a strong platform to authors which contribute in promoting their researches and also facilitate the readers for raising their awareness on brain disorders and therapies. Major aim of the journal is to provide free of cost, rapid and unlimited best quality clinical content via a platform which can be accessed openly by everyone.


The main focus of International Journal of Brain Disorders and Therapy is on various different aspects of brain disorders like Alzheimer disease, Bell’s Palsy, Defects of birth of a brain or spinal cord, Parkinson’s disease, Psychiatric ( Severe type of depression or obsessive compulsive disorder) injury of spinal cord, seizures etc.

These journals of IJBDT are no doubt very helpful in creating awareness among people regarding the disorders or injuries of brain and the therapies required for their aid.


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