The Background of the BBS and CFT

In the mid 1970s I had headaches. I searched the medical model without any answers. When I stumbled on osteopathic craniosacral therapy, I found my solution. I studied with the best cranial osteopathic physicians of that era, who learned directly under the master, Dr Sutherland. I eagerly took their teachings to my TMJ practice and with my oral background I found it very helpful. But since not every patient responded positively, I knew that an important piece of the puzzle was missing. While working with John Barnes P.T. in his suburban Philadelphia office for 10 years, I found that the fascia was the missing link.

I discovered that if the patient had an unrestricted fascial system, craniosacral therapy could be very effective. But if the fascial system was severely restricted, craniosacral therapy could not have a corrective effect. In realizing a direct connection between the craniosacral mechanism and fascia, I discovered the existence of the craniosacral-fascial system. This system explained why people with a lot of incurable structural conditions improved.

Over the years I developed a new therapy, called Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), which would free up this entire system. When I started to work with children in 1980, I found that many pediatric diseases presented as a result of restriction in this craniosacral-fascial system. In 1999, after years of research, I wrote Healing Your Child, which described in detail my pediatric work with children with asthma, earaches, headaches, ADHD, and other common conditions.

In 1980 I treated my first infant. My secretary had a fussy baby and asked me to work on him. CFT was effective, and a new world opened to me. I found over the years that after I worked with any infant, I virtually never saw him/her again. Their mother would always say that other than a few colds, he/she was very healthy throughout childhood and did well in school. I discovered clinically that fetal and birth trauma created the craniosacral-fascial strain patterns that caused many mental and physical illnesses in childhood. I logically reasoned that if CFT could be completed directly at birth, then many of these illnesses could be prevented. How does it get any better than that?

The opportunity to work with hundreds of infants came in 2006 from the Mennonite and Amish communities in Lancaster County, Pa. I knew that for every child to have CFT at birth, a score had to be created to necessitate therapy. After two years of formulating and field-testing, my associates and I unveiled the Baby Brain Score (BBS). It purposely had high standards that mandated CFT for almost every newborn. We spent the next two years developing the most effective therapeutic CFT techniques for newborns. We found that this approach worked like a charm in Pennsylvania. But the real test for a scientific proof is can it work in another culture elsewhere in the world?

In March 2010, we had that chance. When my associates and I went to Culiacan, Mexico to teach the work to 16 medical doctors, the results were astounding. Every one of the 64 babies the student doctors evaluated and treated responded beautifully to the BBS/CFT approach. It was a winner internationally. We also took the work to Canada and the Midwest where it also worked like a charm.

My students and colleagues at The Family Hope Center, a clinic for brain-injured children in suburban Philadelphia, discovered with a group of 250 children that if infants had CFT, they reached their neurological developmental milestones about 30% sooner than the average child. Not only would it prevent disease, but also it would greatly enhance brain function. This combination seemed too good to be true. How does life get any better than that?

Our goal is for every newborn on the planet to have the BBS and CFT. To reach that pinnacle, our mission is to teach the world’s birth professionals how to do it. We hope that when you practice this approach, you will become as excited with the results as we are. You are pioneering what we believe will be a great achievement for humanity.